In this private primary forest located in Monterrey, San Carlos in the Alajuela province of Costa Rica, about 30 minutes from the Arenal Volcano, you can still find exotic wood species like those in this picture below: yema de huevo (Chimarrhis parviflora) and surá (terminalia oblonga). By reforesting cattle pastures now, you can plant endangered species such as these.
 Primary rainforest Old growth rainforest in Monterrey, Costa Rica.



Less than 50 years ago the San Carlos plains in Costa Rica were covered with lush tropical rainforest...

Neutralize your carbon footprint, restore biological corridors, and nurse precious natural water sources back to life!


Our goal is to serve individuals and companies that desire to go beyond a simple profitable investment in timber and realize the combined social, environmental and economic impact of an excellent sustainable opportunity. Our clients vary from those that dream of retiring or vacationing on their reforested land to corporations aiming to protect, conserve or restore tropical rain forests. Some of our clients anticipate enjoying a nice income at the same time as being good stewards to the natural resources that Costa Rica has to offer.

We offer complete reforestation and/or ecological restoration services as well as any one area of plantation services. Your dream of helping the environment, being part of a small Latin American community, providing rural jobs, and growing an incredible investment for years to come starts here at ReForest Costa Rica!

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